New tool for Sport – Best out of you and your team

New tool for Sport – Best out of you and your team

What happens when game is on?

Our service help you to find out do you act like you think you do (behavior, communication etc). What kind of coach are, do you things that you you do? How to get the best out of your team.

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Be the best version of you!

Pro CoachK -Best out of you

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“The tool provides a good overview of what happens on the bench during the game.This makes it easier to evaluate your own and your team’s behavior on the bench when it sees what is really happening during the game. Otherwise, the evaluation is too often done on the basis of one’s own feeling and how you think it did go.

 –Professional Coach

Peliitat, kuva:Kiia Aha

Mestis Peliitat Pic; Kiia Aha

ProCoachK launched a new coaching tool at IIHF International Coaching Symposium.

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Co-operative Coaches and Teams season:

IceHockey (mens):

Peliitat (Mestis) Lauri Merikivi ja Petri Karjalainen

Kärpät (U17) Aki Näykki

 TPS (Premier League): Kai Suikkanen, Riku-Petteri Lehtonen, Mikko Haapakoski

HPK (U20): Matti Tiilikainen

Jokipojat (Mestis); Mikko Haapakoski

HPK (Liiga); Vesa Viitakoski


Seagulls (Premier League): Mikko Larkas


Westend Indians ((Premier League): Stefan Korhonen

EräViiking (U15): Enis Abrashi

SSV(U20): Marko Vaittinen


If you want to find out how you can use tool in your own, please contact me: Katja Pasanen p. +358 50 411 9875

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Our founder, Katja Pasanen, was on our national television, Yle aamu tv 8.3.2018.

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